Karin Vasara - sami design

My collection of clothes is mainly designed for the colder seasons. For activities during late fall, winter and early spring - both outdoors and indoors.

Inspiration for my creative work I get from my origins in a nomadic sami reindeer herders. When I create my clothing line, I use traditional materials such as skins of reindeer, kid and seal. The fabrics are, among others of cloth (wool). In my studio, I have also garments of reindeer suede. My Sami background is evident in the clothes painstaking detail, both in color and design.

With me, you can outfit yourself from head to toe. As you click through my website you will find everything from hats to shoes.

I have also designed some clothes for formal occasions. A full-length, off-white bridal gown with a trailer and a hood that is lined with blue fox. A sparkling white cape of kid leather, full-length. Christening gowns are available in red, blue and white. If you are interested, feel free to rent them.

In my business idea also includes designing models according to customer requirements. If you have an idea of ​​a unique piece of clothing I can help you realize. Looking for designer clothes, then please get in touch.